Lilush -- Linux Shell and LuaJIT with a bunch of libraries
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Lilush -- LinuxLuaShell

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Lilush is a couple of things. First of all, Lilush is a statically compiled LuaJIT interpreter that comes bundled with a curated collection of custom modules and libraries: file system operations, terminal i/o, process manipulation, XML, JSON, etc. These include the Luasocket library, customized to work seamlessly with WolfSSL, which is also statically compiled and incorporated into the binary.

You put the binary (less than 2MB) on any x86_64 Linux system, or put it into a FROM scratch container, and your Lua scripts and apps can use all the builtin modules, without worrying about installing anything extra. Lilush can compile your Lua code into a static binary too.1

Secondly, Lilush is a powerful and versatile Linux shell, that provides a sleek interface with beautiful prompts, smart history search, completions & predictions, and a variety of built-in modes that allow users to switch between shell, Lua CLI interpreter, OpenAI CLI interface, and more.

  1. Well, not yet. And it really depends. But still. ↩︎