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Openresty alpine-based docker image with bells & whistles

Build Status Release


Dockerfile + APKBUILD files to build an opinionated openresty container image. Openresty is built from sources (see apk directory). For the list of included/excluded nginx modules, see openresty APKBUILD file. The resulting image will also include the following Lua modules:

  • inspect
  • pgmoon
  • libcidr-ffi
  • redstats
  • djot
  • lua-resty-http
  • lua-resty-session
  • lua-resty-jwt
  • lua-resty-jit-uuid


There is a builtin nginx config. Nginx is configured to include every *.conf file from /etc/nginx/conf.d/ (files from this dir included above nginx http config block) and /etc/nginx/vhosts/ directories, so you can just mount a host directory with your virtual host configs to containerrs /etc/nginx/vhosts directory.

If NGINX_VHOST_TEMPLATES environment variable is defined, before actually starting nginx, the entrypoint script looks for files with .tmpl extension in the NGINX_VHOST_TEMPLATES directory.

Each .tmpl file gets rendered by the entrypoint script, and the output goes to the file with the same name, but .conf extension under /etc/nginx/vhosts/ dir. For example, if NGINX_VHOST_TEMPLATES is set to /templates and you have /templates/first.tmpl template file, the rendered content will be in the /etc/nginx/vhosts/first.conf file.

Every occurrence of {{ENV_VAR_NAME}} in a template is replaced with the value of the corresponding environment variable. Its pretty much the same what envsubst does, but gettext alpine package adds 7Mb to the image. Besides, you cant change the capture pattern in envsubst.


The origin repository is located at Github copy is a mirror.